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I have never found the Smerdon surname to be very popular.  I think that this unpopularity would make constructing a family tree an easier task then most other names.  And given the resources of all the Smerdons on the Internet, I think that working together we can create one family tree.

So send me your family tree.  Send names, dates and locations of births, marriages, and deaths.  I will compile the information together and post it on this web site.  If you are using genealogy software, export your data and send it!

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Smerdon Family Trees

Robert Smerdon (b about 1860) - I am missing many aunts, uncles, cousins and there spouses, and many second cousins.  But I just started! (Feb 1999)
Robart Smerdon (b about 1580) - Submitted by Ana Bowden (ana.bowden at (Oct 1999)
Sidney John Smerdon (b 1896) - Submitted by Robert Smerdon (113640.2576 at (May 1999)
Hugh Smerdon (b late 1600's) - Submitted by Scott Shaw (pelicans at (May 1999)
Richard Smerdon (b1810, Holne, Devon, England) - Submitted by Bob Smerdon (bsmerdon at (May 1999)
Robart Smerdon (b about 1580) - Submitted by Simon Begent (simon at (Oct 1999)
Herbert Andrews Smerdon (b 1830 Devon, England) - Submitted by Don Smerdon (smerdondon at (May 2000)

Other Information

I received an email from Matt Sears (m.sears at regarding genetic research of people from the counties of Cornwall, Devon, and Suffolk. (Jan 2000)

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